At The Workplace, we take the safety of our community very seriously. In an effort to stay aligned with this value as well as comply with state and county orders, we are instituting some changes.

The Workplace is a publicly accessible officing facility. Therefore, we are subject to the protocols laid out by The 4th Order Related to COVID-19 by Hays County Judge Ruben Bacerra as well as Executive Order #29 issued by Governor Greg Abbott.  Pursuant to the spirit of these protocols, we are rolling out the below policy in an effort to mitigate transmissibility at TWP.

  1. Mask
    1. Masks are mandatory when not at Workstation
  1. Social Distancing
    1. Stay six feet apart from one another at all times
    2. No more than two people in the kitchen at a time
    3. No eating in the kitchen. Please take food and drink back to your workstation.
    4. No more than two people in the bathroom at a time
    5. No more than six people in Boardroom
    6. No more than three people in Project Room
  1. Disinfecting
    1. Use hand sanitizer upon entering
    2. TWP will disinfect common spaces once every two hours
    3. Wash hands regularly

Coworking spaces are adapting new sanitation and floor layout strategies to create safe environments for businesses.  A report by MIT in April 2020 confirmed that 34% of Americans who previously commuted to work were staying home. Before COVID-19, the number of remote employees remained at 4%. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, predicts that 30% of people will continue this trend for the foreseeable future.
“Once they’ve done it, they’re going to want to continue,” Lister said. COVID-19 has eradicated the employer’s skepticism in one fell swoop, proving that remote work works. Lockdowns will end, but this doesn’t signal a return to the traditional office."

We look forward to continuing to provide excellent facilities and services during this trying time. 

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